February 2016

Letherby Triangle to Recieve Makeover

  By Lauren Mair Three proposed developments for Letherby Triangle in Mount Florida will be exhibited at the end of the month following an ideas day in January. Letherby Triangle in Mount Florida could be turned into a band stand or duck pond after the Community Council started a project to improve the area. The group held an exhibition in the Church of the Pentecost on 27 February to hear

Tarfside Aftermath

By Peter Cassidy With one loud bang that could be heard for miles around, hundreds of houses and a million more memories disappeared in a puff of smoke. Three of the four multi-story Tarfside Oval flats that had been towering over the Cardonald skyline since the 1970’s, were turned to rubble as hundreds looked on last September. The tower block flats that stood 22 story’s tall and once housed over 500 people were at one time considered an integral part