Letherby Triangle to Recieve Makeover


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By Lauren Mair

Three proposed developments for Letherby Triangle in Mount Florida will be exhibited at the end of the month following an ideas day in January.

Letherby Triangle in Mount Florida could be turned into a band stand or duck pond after the Community Council started a project to improve the area.

The group held an exhibition in the Church of the Pentecost on 27 February to hear the publics’ opinions on how the square, which is surrounded by three busy roads, should be transformed.

One local resident suggested building a 20 feet viewing tower in Mount Florida. The tower would look over Glasgow and would be a tourist attraction.

Chris Carcus, the chairman of the community council said: “There was two things we were trying to deal with when we started the project two years ago.

“One was the pedestrian hazard especially round the school and the other was to find some sort of solution to the problem the shop keepers have and residents have with the lack of parking.

“The third strand was that if we are going to do a lot of work can we also do something to make the triangle a better place for local people, to make it a nicer place to live.”

Manufacturing project manager Chris, 38, has been a member of the community council for three years and got involved after moving to the area in 2011.

He added: “Open space in urban areas in Glasgow is precious and we need to make the most of it but what that means can only be decided by what local people think so we are letting people tell us.”

Letherby triangle 1

Credit: Mount Florida Community Council

The new triangle will be designed by Glasgow based architects ERZ. They will consider every idea proposed by the public and will try to incorporate different aspects of each to appeal to a wider audience.

Approximately 70 people visited the exhibition in the Church of the Pentecost and many submitted ideas, including children from Mount Florida Primary school.

Chris said: “A big discussion point has been the road layout and whether one or two of the roads near the triangle can be closed so we can expand it and join up that green space so it is more accessible from the shops or from the school.

“We also want to preserve the good aspects of the area. One something that people are really proud about in Mount Florida is the local independent businesses like the fish monger and the gift shops.

We really want to protect that and that’s a massive theme that has come out of what people are saying.”

Portuguese delicatessen owner Artouro, supports the plans to transform Letherby Triangle but does not believe it will be a priority for the Glasgow City Council.

He said: “This is the worst junction here in Mount Florida. Every day, every morning I see people coming the wrong way and causing accidents.

“I think we should look at the kids because they don’t have a lot of things to do here but the council won’t be interested. They are only going to do what ever is convenient for them and make it more beautiful for Hampden stadium.

“We all know we are not important in the eyes of the council.”

The next round of public consultations will be at the end of February once the architects have drawn up three final proposals.


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