Cardonald Church food and toy drive a massive success

A CARDONALD Boy’s Brigade and Girl Guides group have collected large donations of food and toys for Glasgow South West Foodbank and Children 1st.

The collection was ran by the youth organisations in association with the St Andrews and St Nicolas Church in Hillington.


The idea came from the Boy’s Brigade leader, Rhona Boyle who had seen other churches doing something similar and wanted to give back those in need.

Reverend Lyn Peden of the church said: “It started as a small idea by Rhona.

“She got the idea from other churches that were doing similar things and thought we should try it. From there it just grew arms and legs.”


Rhonda and the church got together with the youth groups to organise a service were Glasgow South West Foodbank and Children 1st were given the generous donations.

The church organisations and those who used the church building were invited to donate food and toys.

Reverend Peden said: “We were overwhelmed by what we received. It was much more than we expected.”

“We set tables up at the front of the church and filled them on top and below with food. Then there were clothes and toys which we managed to fill one side of the church with as well.”

“It was a wonderful way for the communities to come together and to give back to those in need.”


The open service was held on Wednesday December 7, where the church organisations and members were invited to see the two charities receive the donations.

Claire McCunnie, the development worker for Glasgow South West Foodbank said: “We are so overwhelmed by the donation.

“Rhona delivered the food in the mini bus and it was absolutely packed. When I thought of a mini bus I didn’t expect it to be this huge but it was rammed full and Ibrox church stage is crammed.”


The foodbank will be distributing the food at Ibrox Parish Church, Hillington Parish Church, the Preshal Trust and Moss Park Baptists Church with Children 1st handing out the toys at their centre in Glasgow.

Reagan Johnson, community fundraiser for Children 1st said: “We are taken aback by how much was donated and everyone’s generosity. They had us speechless.

“These toys will be given out to all our families in Glasgow who are in need and can now wake up on Christmas morning with plenty of gifts.”

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