2016: A Year of Remembrance

Well it’s that time of year again. The time for reflection and looking back at the year we have had, and what a year it has been.

From wars to elections and not to mention the vote to leave the EU it has definitely been an eventful one, but also a sad one.

One thing that came to my mind, a few days ago was just how many celebrity’s we have lost this year. From January right through to December,  we have mourned our celebrities. is this the end of an era?

So, in memory of all those who have passed away this year, the list is almost endless with over 60 stars being lost this year. Here is a look at some of the biggest names we have lost in 2016:


David Bowie, Died on the 10th of January. 

News of the 69-year-old’s death shocked the world as it was
revealed that only his closest friends new of his battle with cancer. 

This legendary signer had been such an icon through his career with his most memorable hits “Space Oddity”, “Let’s Dance” and “Modern Love.”

he was not only a musician, this triple thread also started in a leading role in the Labyrinth film in 1986 as the Goblin King and was a visual artist. His career lead him in 1996 to be placed in the Rock Hall of Fame.

allan-rickman Alan Rickman, Died on the 14th of January. 

The English actor died at 69 after a quite battle with cancer. 

His most memorable roles where in films known to many, including his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. he also played the voice of Absolem, the Caterpillar in the recent Alice in wonderland film, Through the looking glass.

Daniel Gerson, Died on the 6th of February . daniel-garson

The screenwriter and voice actor died age only 49 after a fight with brain cancer.

Daniel was best known for his work with Pixar and Walt Disney animation studios. He co-wrote the screen plays of Monsters Inc, Monsters University and Big Hero 6.

His regular writing partner was Robert L. Baird. At the time of his death it was reported that he was to be co-writer of the upcoming Cars 3 movie with Baird.

harper-leeHarper Lee, sadly passed away on the 19th of February. 

The American writer was best known for her “To Kill a Mocking Bird” book. 

Harper Lee was a well known American novelist. with only one novel, To kill a mocking bird in 2007 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contribution to literature.

only in July of last year, Harper Lee released her second book, Go Set a Watchman which was set as a squeal to her first book bu,t it was later revealed it was in fact a first draft of the original book the book has been hugely popular especially at the time of her new book being released.

Garry Shandling, Died on the 24th of March. garry-shadling

It was said that the actor had always remained a true classic comedian and actor, all the way to the end.

Garry Shandling started his career writing sitcoms such as Sanford and Sons and Welcome Back. he created a successful stand up performance on the tonight show  and became a regular guest host of the show.

However in the 90s he cemented his fame on the Larry Sanders Show, and was the recipient of numerous awards including two British comedy awards, eleven Cable ACE awards and a BAFTA award.

As an actor he has numerous film appearance in movies such as Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 


 Prince in concert, Welcome To America Tour, Madison Square Garden, New York, America - 18 Jan 2011The death of Prince on the 21st of April shocked us all.

The American Singer, songwriter and record producer was only 57-years-old. 

Prince was found in his Minnesota estate. Born Prince Roger Nelson he became famous after releasing his first album For You in 1978 releasing another album  in 1984, Purple rain  including the hits “When Doves Cry” and “Lets Go Crazy” 

He earned an Oscar for his original song score during his career, and released 39 studio albums winning seven Grammy’s. earning his way into the Rock Hall of Fame in  2004.


The Legendary boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali , passed away on the 3rd of June. 

 At the age of 74 Ali died of septic shock due to unspecified natural causes.

Muhammad Ali was widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century.

He was known as an inspiring, controversial and dividing figure both in and out of the ring. He became he most vocal anti-war celebrity when he refused to be drafted for the Vietnam war.

george-michaelGeorge Michael the iconic singer, tragically died on Christmas day age 53. 

well known for being a part of Wham and for one of there most famous songs “Last Christmas”

George Michael won many awards both as part of the pop group, Wham and as a solo performer. he sold more than 100 million record world wide.

as a solo artist he sang a number of famous songs including, “Careless Whispers” and “Freedom”

he was best known for his work int he 1980s and the 1990s with hits including “last Christmas” and “wake me up before you go go”

In 2004 the Radio Academy names him the most played artist on the radio during the period of 1984-2004.


Carrie Fisher, died on the 27th of December at the age of 60.

 The Star Wars actress died four days after suffering cardiac arrest on a flight from London to L.A

Carrie Fisher was best known for her part as Princess Leia in the Star Wars Film series. Carrie also had many other film roles in films including  Shampoo, The Blues Brothers, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Burbs and When Harry Met Sally.

She worked on screenplays as a scrip doctor, and in later years earned praise for speaking publicly about her experience with bipolar disorder and drug addiction.


Carrie Fishers mum, Debbie Reynolds died a day after her Daughter, on the 28th of December at the age of 84.

Debbie Reynolds was an american actress, singer and business women.

She was nominated for the Golden Globe award for her portrayal of Helen Kane in the 1950 film Three Little Words. and her first leading role in Singin’ in the Rain.


It is a tragic thing to lose someone, but to lose a daughter and a mother only a day apart that is something nobody wants to think about and nobody can begin to imagine how the family is feeling at this time. Our thoughts go out to the family of Carrie and Debbie.

In memory of everyone we have had to say goodbye to this year, let’s hope 2017 is a better year for us all, and that next year this list is considerable smaller.

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