SGN van bursts into flames yards from Barrhead fire station

A SGN Company van burst into flames, on the morning of Saturday the 7th of January. Responding to a suspected gas leak on Grahamston Road, just 50 Yards from the Barrhead Scottish Fire and Rescue Office.

SGN manage the network that distributes gas to 5.9 Million homes. Engineer’s where in attendance at the scene to undergo emergency repairs on a gas main.

While carrying out the repairs one of the company vans caught light after being parked over the site of the leak.

No injuries were reported, the blaze was quickly taken under control by the Barrhead Fire Team. Company bosses say a full investigation has now been launched.

Photo Credit: Daily Record Website

Lynne Edwardson, a spokesperson for the gas Distribution network, SNG said:

“This is a highly unusual occurrence and the cause of the incident is currently under a full investigation.

“During the repair, there was an incident involving an SGN vehicle catching alight. The Fire Service and Police were in attendance and worked together with our engineers to make the situation safe.

“Our engineers attended and carried out emergency repair work to our gas main in Grahamston Road on Saturday 7 January.

“There were no injuries sustained to anyone on site and repairs and safety checks have been carried out.”

Police were in attendance, temporary traffic light where set up to divert traffic on the road in Paisley.

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