New initiative launched in Anniesland as 300 new bins delivered to residents

Residents in Anniesland will have more than 300 new bins delivered to their homes as a new project gets underway to improve recycling in the area.

A brand new initiative has been set up to replace metal bins with green wheeled bins on flatted properties on Anniesland Road, Bearsden Road and Great Western Road.

The aim of the scheme is to help boost refuse and recycling, in particular within the backcourt areas.

Local councillor Paul Carey, Chair of the Sustainability and Environment Policy Development Committee, help to deliver the bins. Carey has been a councillor for Anniesland since 2003 and has been helping the council for nearly 15 years now.

He is also keen to bring wind turbines to the area, as the believes the benefits would help the community hugely.

He said: “The council is addressing bin provision across the city as part of the ongoing recycling improvements.

“With residents’ support, this pilot will improve refuse and recycling containment within the back court areas.”

Flatted properties in Glasgow taking part in this project will receive a bin collection every fortnight, as oppose to the usual collection for general waste in the city which is weekly.

The blue bins will be collected as normal, which is once every two weeks and they will be emptied in alternate weeks with the new green bins.

The old metal bins will be replaced with 240 litre green wheeled bin, but it will only be the properties on the selected roads that will qualify for the pilot initiative.






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