Calls in Glasgow for electric busses


Glasgow’s Green party councillors are calling for electric busses to replace older diesel ones.

The move would be to combat Glasgow’s high air pollution levels.

Talks between Green councillors and SPT, discussed the possibility of replacing old public transport with new low emission alternatives.

In 2012 a study by European Environment Agency (EEA) found that Glasgow was the most polluted city in the UK and the fifth highest polluted in Europe.

Levels of harmful gas in Glasgow were 46.3 microgrammes per cubic metre, above the European legal limit of 40mg/m3.

A more recent report from Friends of the Earth Scotland found that Hope Street in the town centre was the most polluted street in Glasgow.

Councillor Martha Wardrop said: “The fact that pollutants in Glasgow are breaching legal limits is unacceptable. We know that over 2000 Scots die from the effects of air pollution each year, so delays in meeting clean air standards mean even more unnecessary death and suffering.

“We have to view this as a public health emergency.”

Ex-director of World Wildlife Fund Scotland, Dr Richard Dixon said: “This report identifies that nitrogen dioxide is causing health problems for people in Glasgow and bringing forward their deaths. It is killing people.

“A congestion charge for Glasgow has been proposed before and is working well in reducing pollution in London. I would like to see it introduced here.”

Last year it was found that congestion in Glasgow city centre had caused a rise in bus journey times and a drop of 15% in passengers over the past 10 years.

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