Top Places In Glasgow To Visit This Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday – one of the only days of the year we have an excuse to ditch the diet and scoff our faces with delicious desserts.

The tradition of Shrover Tuesday began as a way to use up all the ingredients in your fridge before Lent begins, such as milk, eggs and butter.

Here are the best places to have a flippin’ good time this Pancake Tuesday:


1) Bill’s Restaurant Glasgow

Bills restaurant are serving banana, strawberries, blueberries and Bill’s pancake syrup for £6.60 for 3 stacks and £8.60 for 5.

Already Bills has been busy with customers eager to try some new pancake recipes, and from posts we have seen on Instagram it deserves our top spot on where to go this pancake Tuesday.



2) Tribeca  

This American style diner is already well known for its delicious desserts, especially their buttermilk pancakes covered in syrup and variety of toppings.



3) Roaster’s Deli 

Roaster’s Deli have ten different types of pancakes on their menu, including bacon pancakes and oreo chocolate pancakes. so there should be no trouble finding something you like.



4) Café Gandolfi 

This diner serves Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup £7.00 as part of its breakfast menu, and it looks like they have had dozens of visitors there for pancakes already.


Author: Rebecca Graham

20 year old Journalism graduate living in Glasgow, Scotland!

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