Glasgow hosts first Vegan Festival

16114067_364642333912794_1902655249966896367_nAfter vegan trends have gone viral across the internet, it seems only fitting that Glasgow, being hailed as one of the most vegan friendly cities, hosts its very own two day festival showcasing all the tips and tricks of being a vegan.

The festival, being held in Trades Hall, includes an abundance of live demos and tastings with small family run companies such as The Doughnut Family and many more.

This event is appealing to anyone remotely interested in veganism or you are in fact a vegan. They are hoping that their event can reach everyone in Glasgow, from babies to pensioners.

The event is being held on the 27th and 28th of May, doors open at 11am. This is the first year the festival is taking place says organiser Victoria Bryceson.

The hopes are set high for the event to be a success in the city. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be vegan to be allowed inside the festival. Standard tickets cost as little as £3 and you don’t have to pre-book your tickets, you can turn up and pay at the door. And yes, you can use your brand spanking new pound coins.

According to Vegan Society, almost 10,000 people aged 15 or over across England, Scotland and Wales are living vegan.

Head organiser, Victoria Bryceson said: “This is what we are really hoping, we think a lot of vegans will come with a non-vegan friend or family member. We expect all ages from babies to pensioners.

“Glasgow is a hugely vegan city and there is no other large vegan festival in the city this year which was really disappointing for vegan in Glasgow so we really wanted to do the festival for all the vegans here as well as with a view to attracting non vegans as well to show people exactly how amazing a vegan lifestyle is.

We have 50 stalls full of all sorts of different products, clothing, shoes, beauty, homeware, food, drinks etc. We will also have all day talks, cookery demos and yoga classes. It’s always hard to tell for a first time event but we expect around 3000 – 4000 over the weekend.”

Since there are no big shoes to fill, the organisation of the event were even more daunting but do-able says Bryceson.

“It’s been great, Glasgow is an amazing city, everyone has pulled together to help with promotion of the event and we have had a lot of support. This is a first time for the festival.”

The festival have a dedicated Facebook page full of important updates, including more detail of their 50 stalls that will be there, as well as their sponsors which included ‘VegFund’, ‘The V and V Café’ and many more.

Their Facebook page states: “Glasgow Vegan Festival is a 2 day festival on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May at central venue Trade Halls.

With 50 stalls including eight world food caterers, beauty and skincare products, candles, preserves, cheeses, jewelry, crafts, healthy treats, sweet treats, clothing, drinks, juices, smoothies, charity merchandise and more. Free samples, informative and interactive talks, workshops and inspirational cooking demos. Tickets are just £3 and payable at the door.

Their demos include “A simple introduction to using herbs in your own kitchen, for extra flavour and healing of the body through the nutrients that are in the herbs and spices. We will be using readily available ingredients such as sage, thyme, basil, bay leaf lemons in both sweet and savoury dishes.

“We will be making herbal teas and explain how they can help one’s health. If you would like to become a healthier vegan or would simply like to add flavour to your food, then this demo is for you.”

Glasgow’s first ever large scale Vegan festival is deemed to be unmissable by many accounts. Doors open at 11am, so head on down to Trades Hall with £3 in your pocket and an open mind to the world of veganism. ll be making herbal teas and explain how they can help one’s health. We will make vegan herb butter for you delicious baked potatoes and some other dishes that go really well with loads of herbs and spices. If you would like to be a healthier vegan or would simply like to add flavour to your foo, then this demo is for you.more, FREE samples, informative and interactive talks / workshops and inspirational cookery demos

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