What is domestic violence?

What is Domestic Violence

It is the emotional or physical abuse used in relationships to control the other be it married, dating, or separated. It can be a single incident or a pattern of incidents that involve coercive, controlling, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour, which includes sexual violence.

It is more common for women than men to experience multiple incidents of abuse such as different versions of domestic abuse, like stalking, sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Children are also likely to experience domestic abuse as well as adults.


What are the statistics regarding Domestic Abuse?

In Scotland there were 58,810 incidents of domestic abuse according to Police Scotland and 47% of these incidents resulted in a crime or a committed offence, compared to 51% in 2016/16.

There is a variety of statistics about domestic abuse and the Crime Survey of England and Wales found out that an estimated 1.3 million women experienced a form of domestic abuse and at some point since the age of 16, 4.3 million women have experienced domestic abuse.

An LGBT Youth survey from 2010 found that 60% of respondents, all of whom were trans (including trans men, trans women and nonbinary), experienced some form of abusive behaviour from a partner or ex-partner that they identified as domestic abuse.



White Ribbon in Scotland

A campaign called White Ribbon in Scotland was created in 2006 to get Scottish men involved to tackle violence against women. It is formed o individuals and groups of men around the country. It aims to get men to stop and challenge violence against women.

Abused Men in Scotland

Abused Men in Scotland is a support service available to any man who has experienced domestic abuse within Scotland. It is a national organisation trying to ensure that as much support as possible is given to abused men. Abused Men in Scotland is formed of professionally trained experts to lien to your calls with a non-judgemental and sensitive approach to every unique situation.

Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid is aiming for equality between men and women free of violence and abuse. It aims to empower women affected by domestic violence to live independent lives free of abuse and violence, meet the needs of children and women affected by domestic violence. It provides services that are run by women who listen to survivors and respond to what they define as their needs. Challenge the public perspective around domestic abuse and highlight its disadvantages.

Women’s Aid is helping thousands of women around the world affected by domestic abuse and provides information on the types of abuse and how they help deal with it.

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