‘Reclaim the Night’ march against abuse of women goes through Paisley High Street


People took to the streets in Paisley last night as part of Renfrewshire’s participation in a campaign against gender-based violence. The Reclaim the Night march marked the beginning of the “16 days of action” campaign for elimination of violence against women. A crowd gathered outside of the Paisley campus of University of West of Scotland at around 6 P.M.

Some banged on drums, going with the theme of “March to the beat of your own drum” as they chanted while marching through High Street to Dunn Square, where Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron laid a white ribbon wreath at a memorial for victims of domestic abuse. She said: “Women should not be afraid to go outside in their own communities and we must be able to live our lives without threat of sexual assault or harassment.

“The recent flood of incidents and outpouring of allegations following the #MeToo phenomenon on social media only makes it clear why an event like Reclaim the Night is important.”


About Reclaim the Night campaign

These marches happen across the UK to show support for women’s right to be free of violence and abuse in their home and their community. The procession is part of the wider international 16 Days of Action campaign which takes place from 25 November to 10 December each year and aims to raise awareness of the issue on a global level.

To find out more information about where you can get help for domestic violence click here.

Anyone suffering from domestic violence can get help via two national helplines. Calls from a landline are free and the lines are open 24 hours a day.

Scottish Domestic Abuse – 0800 027 1234

Abused Men in Scotland – 0808 800 0024

Women and Children First – Renfrewshire Council’s Children’s Services Team – 0300 300 0345

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