Glow gold September campaign

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A group of campaigners are appealing for the public to give up some of their garden space to join them in ‘glowing gold’ for kids with cancer in September.

Public parks and gardens are being asked to get involved in order to create a respectable garden space where yellow and gold flowers will bloom to represent and raise awareness for kids with cancer during September 2018.

Know the signs of childhood cancer

The idea of the ‘Glow Gold September Campaign’ came from a group of parents who were members of a parent support group for their kids who had been previously treated for the disease.

The group teamed up in an attempt to change the UK’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month from December to September in accordance with the rest of the world.

Pat Hayes, who is an admin at Glow Gold and whose grandson Thomas was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2010, said: “After much lobbying to Cancer Research UK, the kid’s cancer awareness month was changed from December to September in 2014. Once this happened, Pamela Neilson, Julie Yates and several other parents formed the Glow Gold September Campaign.

“I became aware of the group when my grandson Thomas was diagnosed with cancer, and my daughter joined the parents group and told me about it.

“Pamela’s 3 year old son Kai tragically passed away in 2016 and my grandson Thomas has been left with lifelong health issues from the harsh treatment given to them, not to mention the increased risk of developing another cancer later in life.

“It’s too late to help our babies, but we have to fight to make a change, so that your children and grandchildren will have a happy, healthy life.”

The 2018 campaign is being planned alongside the team’s new project the ‘Glow gold building campaign’ were public buildings will illuminate and glow up gold throughout the month of September.

The ‘Garden of Gold’ campaign requires a lot of in-depth planning and has been set up to try and point out the early signs and symptoms of children with cancer so that the disease can be treated sooner giving kids with the disease a much better chance of survival.

The campaign group are not a charity and do not receive any donations, but instead are asking people to donate to a children’s Cancer Charity such as Clic sergeant or Children with cancer UK.

Pamela added: 

“A sustained campaign which involves communities across the UK and worldwide is the only way in which we can increase cancer awareness in children, which in turn will lead to more research and new treatments which are developed for children, instead of using adult chemotherapy drugs on their little bodies.

“Next year we want parks and gardens to create a Garden of Gold, a garden space with yellow and gold flowers that will bright up in September, along with buildings that will light up Gold, as we do every year.

”Where Flowers Bloom, Hope Grows”

If you are interested in Glowing Gold or making a Garden of Gold in 2018, please email for more information.

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