Elsagate is the name of the latest scandal to hit social media. For years people have largely been blind to a major problem on You Tube. Most parents assume that You Tube will filter out all inappropriate content so that it is not seen by their children and if you assume that allowing your children to only watch videos on the You Tube Kids app you are also wrong.

In fact, the most popular ‘Kids’ channels on You Tube like Toy Freaks – now been taken down by You Tube, Toy Monster, Baby Toys, Superhero’s Funny, Toy baby etc., use thumbnails featuring kid-friendly characters such as Spiderman or Elsa from Frozen (thus the name) engaging in inappropriate acts like urinating on each other among other forms of physical abuse, including in the case of Toy Freaks, an adult pretending to kidnap or abuse a child, playing the child’s parent.

These videos have attracted an audience of pedophiles, with comments on these videos would appear to largely made up of men making sexually suggestive remarks about these children and suggestions on what content the channels should make next.

The issue has gained the attention of some notable people like vlogger Philip DeFranco.

This has led to a significant number of people rightly outraged by this sharing the message and encouraging parents/guardians to flag any inappropriate content and ensure it stays away from children’s screens.

What this has led to in addition is another case of advertisers pulling their brands away from YouTube. These channels are effectively being slowly stripped of companies willing to advertise next to that content therefore the people uploading will in theory no longer receive income which will reduce the number of channels produce this content. Adidas, Now TV, Cadbury and Mars are some of the big names pulling their advertising from YouTube, though Adidas has restarted advertising on the site after reassurances from Youtube.

A representative from Mars speaking on behalf of the company said “We are shocked and appalled to see that our adverts have appeared next to such exploitive and inappropriate content. We have taken the decision to immediately suspend all our online advertising on You Tube and Google globally. Until we have confidence that appropriate safeguards in place, we will not advertise on You Tube and Google”

It is now estimated that You Tube has shut down over fifty channels involved in the disturbing content. There are concerns over the issue over genuinely family friendly channels being stripped of advertising and thus revenue.

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