Braveheart’ actor James Cosmo is positive about Netflix and Amazon’s impact on the film industry

Braveheart’ actor James Cosmo, believes the rise of premium streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon have had a positive effect on the film industry.

The Dunbartonshire born star has recently finished  filming the ‘Outlaw King’ with Chris Pine starring as Robert the Bruce and David MacKenzie director of Hell or Highwater.

The rise of ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon’ has led to more and more young independent directors and writers in the film industry.

The veteran actor said: “Oh, it is so extraordinary considering I think it was 14 years ago Netflix was delivering DVDs, that was its business and now it has become one of the biggest platforms in the entertainment industry. Just shows how we have changed our viewing habits but it is wonderful to see distributers coming on board just giving film makers the money to make films.”

Cosmo who worked in the shipyard at the age of 15 after leaving school decided two years later try his luck at acting at the age of 17, where he got his first role in Dr Finlay’s Casebook.

The Dunbartonshire star has backed ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon’ and all the like and believes they have brought a change to the industry that has been long overdue.

He said: “They are fantastic. ‘Netflix’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Hulu’, I’m behind them all I think it is terrific. I think it takes the power away from the big gongs that for too long ruled the industry.

“Absolutely, I think it has become a lot more open, a lot more egalitarian, and as I say it is great to have that power structure broken up and let’s have more independent film makers getting on there.

“Because for so long it was so hard for young film makers to actually get their products out there but now people have ‘Netflix’, ‘Google’, ‘Amazon’ and ‘iTunes’, if they like it, it can go out there and it can hit the audience  and it is a freedom from that closed shop that once was.

“They just want to make great films and it is wonderful for young directors and writers that can approach Netflix and if it is good enough they will give them the money, they will make the film and it will be out there.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ actor who plays Jeor Mormont, the Old Bear talked about his work on ‘Outlaw King’ and he thinks it will be an equal impact like ‘Braveheart’ did 22 years ago.

He said: “I’m working on the Outlaw King just now having a wonderful time on that. I’ve got really high hopes for it. I think it’s going to be a great Scottish movie.”

“No, it’s a very different take on it but I think it will have an equal impact that Braveheart did, I really do. I play Robert the Bruce’s dad. He was quite a tasteful animal and I’m loving it. Robert Senior, and I’m loving it.”

Do not fear Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce because James Cosmo believes he has a “damn good” Scottish accent. He said: “My goodness he does. Chris Pine is a very, very talented actor. I think he has a real good handle on the character. It’s pretty damn good better than my Californian accent anyway.

James Cosmo, who has worked on many period pieces throughout his career, starring in the ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Emma,’ Braveheart’ and now ‘Outlaw king,’ which sees Cosmo back on his trusty steed.

He said: “I’ve ridden horses all through my career but I don’t know who I felt the most sorry for myself or the horse because it was an awful lot lighter when I was doing Braveheart and I wasn’t wearing chain mail but he is a good old horse and I’m really enjoying it. It’s great, it’s great to know that I can still get on and I can still gallop a horse.”

The ‘Game of Thrones’ actor, who plays ‘Robert Senior’ the dad of Robert the Bruce in the new ‘Netflix’ film, ‘Outlaw King,’ has nothing but praise for David MacKenzie and his take on the story of Bruce.

He said: “David MacKenzie is an extraordinary director and it’s going to be, I think, a great movie.

“I think it is a very different take and stylistically, very different but none the less I think it will have the impact that Braveheart did.

Cosmo is also extremely proud of Danny Boyle for his “wonderful job” on ‘T2: Trainspotting’ the sequel to the cult film ‘Trainspotting.’

He said: “It was a funny feeling, you know , it was such a huge ask not to recreate but to do a sequel to such a seminal piece of work  and he was really cruising for the critics to destroy him as they sometimes do and I think he pulled it off in spades. He did a wonderful job and I’ve got nothing but admiration for him.”

He feels that movies in Hollywood or in Pinewood are always romanticised to appeal to the wider audience.

Cosmo said: “I would say so, although these movies are always romanticised, you know because it’s a movie. It’s not a documentary but I think it probably is more historically accurate and it will give you a greater feel of what it was like at that time, what it was really like.”

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