The Twelve Films of Christmas: Day Three

Portrait of the Real Santa Claus watching TV


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again which, of course, means mince pies, mulled wine, mistletoe and most importantly Christmas movies. As the days get darker and the couch gets comfier some of us here at the Clyde Outside have picked one festive favourite per day to see you through the last twelve sleeps before Ol’ Saint Nick rolls in to town.

So stick on those slippers, sit back and enjoy…

Arthur Christmas 

“Telling the story of three generations of Father Christmases trying to deliver a present to a little girl, ‘Arthur Christmas’ encapsulates family life in around an hour and a half; three generations all thinking that their way of life is the correct one, but ultimately life needs an amalgamation of the three – this could be applied to Christmas too. There’s the new technology that takes away from the personality of the holiday and people who just want to wallow in the past and sentimentality of Christmas.



At times, it plays so similarly to your own life that you feel they are simply portraying it, due to the family bickering, the grandfather with questionable views, dominant older brother and a mother whose care holds it all together. This setup in the opening minutes means that you are connected to the characters and engaged in all of the scenes, making the emotional beats more emotional and moments of humour even more humorous – and the humour is rife, helped out by charming and fantastically-delivered voice acting and clever and witty writing. The spectacle portrayed, by in-depth and well-realised animation just adds further enjoyment to the film.”

-Ewan Summers


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