The Twelve Films of Christmas: Day Two

Portrait of the Real Santa Claus watching TV


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again which, of course, means mince pies, mulled wine, mistletoe and most importantly Christmas movies. As the days get darker and the couch gets comfier some of us here at the Clyde Outside have picked one festive favourite per day to see you through the last twelve sleeps before Ol’ Saint Nick rolls in to town.

So stick on those slippers, sit back and enjoy…

The Muppets Christmas Carol 

 “The story of A Christmas Carol is perhaps the most iconic Christmas story of all time.  Miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge is transformed overnight from a cold, unfeeling, curmudgeonly businessman to a kindly grandfather like figure of  charity and generosity by three ‘spirits’ of Christmas who reveal to him his past, present and future. Turn this into a musical, add a bunch of hilariously funny, famous puppets, cast Michael Caine as Scrooge and you have The Muppet Christmas Carol.

The film was released in 1992 and was the very first film my parents ever took me to see in the cinema, in Linwood.  In fact, we went twice.  To me this film IS Christmas.  As a child it became a tradition in our family to watch and re-watch this cinematic classic every year at yuletide with our mince pies and tinsel scarves.  At one point I am quite sure I could have quoted every line, sang every song, and delivered as convincing a Miss Piggy impression as I could a Kermit, (as Bob Cratchit of course).

Fast-forward 25 years, (yes, quarter of a century – don’t remind me), and the GFT, (beside Glasgow School of Art), as well as the Cineworld at Silverburn, plan to re-show this timeless tale for a new audience, (and some auld yins like myself).  It will give me a profound sense of joy to take my 5 month old son to re-live what was the source of so much magic for me as a child, and whether or not we have to leave halfway through, (babies will be babies after all), it will be an experience I will never forget.

“You know wherever you find love, it feels like Chriiiistmaaaaas.”

Sing it with me now!”

-Scott Bevan

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Scott Bevan was an entertainer, based originally in Greenock, who travelled the country throughout his youth singing and performing as part of the popular cabaret act, Jackzone. He previously studied Creative Writing and journalism at Reid Kerr college. Scott is Arts and Culture Editor of the Clyde Outside and Pattern magazine and was shortlisted for feature of the year at the Scottish Student Journalism Awards last year. He currently resides in Paisley with his fiancee and baby son.

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