Boiler malfunction set off fire alarms at the Cardonald campus

By Chloe Duffy, Scott Bevan and David King

A boiler malfunction set off the fire alarms at the Cardonald campus of Glasgow Clyde College earlier this week.

Fire alarms were set off across the campus when steam poured from a warehouse located outside the boiler rooms at around 10:30 on Tuesday morning.  The incident occurred after a temporary boiler’s pipes malfunctioned.

Students being evacuated from the building.

Hundreds of students and staff were evacuated from the building in under six minutes. The metal door of the boiler house was opened wide to allow the fire and rescue team entry to the building from where steam continued to spill. The fire and rescue team had arrived promptly.

Senior campus officer, Glenn Ostler, said he was pleased with the response to the incident from emergency services.

He explained the boiler was installed after the college’s heating system failed during the cold spell in January this year.

He said:  “In the warehouse we’ve got a temporary boiler outside the boiler house because of the heating issues we’ve had. We’ve got pipes coming in that are supplying the hot water for the building.

“One of those pipes ruptured and it sprayed steam everywhere which was enough to set off the heat detectors.” He added he’s satisfied with the safety procedures the college has in place.

Lift number five is the emergency lift reserved for disabled students to get out of the college building during an incident like this.

There is a button that is to be pressed and can be used to inform someone that they are stuck on any given floor.  Then someone from the college or the fire and rescue team should collect them.

Mr Ostler added: “For disabled students the practice we have in place is at each of the lift landings there is a refuge area.  That refuge area is designed to be safe in the event of a fire.”

Students and staff at Glasgow Clyde College stood outside for around ten minutes while the steam was tackled before they were granted access to the building again to continue with their lessons.

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A spokesman for Watkins Hire confirmed they had installed the pipes as a replacement system after one of the college boilers broke down over the cold snap this winter where we saw sub-zero temperatures across Glasgow and the west.

He confirmed one of these pipes burst on Tuesday which caused the steam leak.

The spokesman said: “It was our installation team who put in the pipes. There was a fault in the pipe itself which caused the steam leak.

“We changed it this morning and one of our guys was out this morning to double check everything was OK. “He has confirmed it’s fine.”

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