Paisley filmmaker creates film about the town’s rich history

Filmmaker Paul Mothersole’s, short film about the history of Paisley entitled ‘My Paisley’ was uploaded to You Tube on the 9th of January of last year and has already gained over 3,200 views.

The film is unique in the sense that it took an unfinished film of the same title made by Falcouner Houston that made the original in the 60’s with children he taught. The children in the original looked to be in the mid-teens and the girl is referenced to being 15.   In Paul’s version we are told this girl in the original film has grown up and is featured in the updated version as her older self with her Granddaughter.

The film explores historical events and the landmarks dedicated to them. The Paisley icons such as; St. Mirren, the Wallace monument, the Paisley Abbey, the Witches horseshoes, the Cottage of Robert Tanahill, the Ferguslie mills, Robertson’s jam, the Rootes factory – where the Hillman cars were made, and of course the Paisley pattern were all mentioned in this film.

Paisley High Street 1

Paisley Town Centre showing it’s historical architecture contrasting the modern shopping centre just across the street 

The film hopes to teach a new generation to be proud of Paisley children to be aware of their rich history.   The whole thing is a wholesome, educational and for some, nostalgic trip through the town of Paisley and its history.

A film project like this required special attention to little details. Paul explained that he experienced some challenges with using the old projector.

He said: “Unique challenges were using the projector to show the film (original) then being able to film it. The actual film was using the projector on the wall that was something we did separately.”

Using clever special effects in later stages of the process he was able to create the realistic image of old film flickering upon the character’s faces. Paul said: “obviously the flicker on the faces we added that in later on.  So it looks like it is film.”

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