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Deep in the heart of Paisley there is a Café with a 4.9 star rating on Facebook. This Café is not like others. It is a small escape from reality, where people can enjoy live trading card games, Comic book reading and general relaxing.

The Café is called Comicrazy.

Comicrazy has an extensive range of board games which are free for use by the public when a drink or food is purchased. The selection of edibles and drinks is similarly… extensive and there to enjoy whilst destroying your opponents in a game of Dungeons and dragons. Hot Chocolate Milk Shakes appear to be a fans favourite.


Owner of the Café, John Gilbert described his establishment, “We have a large spacious premises outside Gilmour Street train station and aim to provide an environment which is as friendly and inclusive as possible. Promoting fair play and sportsmanship wherever possible.”

The Café is extremely relevant as a place to visit, in 2018 especially, with a multitude of new superhero movies and games emerging this year. We are embracing a new world of individuality and expression. Geek is the new Chic. When asked his opinions on 2018 being year of the geek he retorted, “Isn’t every year?” which is a great point of view.

There are similar shops within Glasgow, John, however, does not see other café’s as competition but more of a united front,

He said:“They service their local area as do we. Often our customers cross over when we run our bigger events so we’re helping each other by creating new players.”

This is obviously quite a modern concept, there were not many of these café’s a few years but they appear to be growing in popularity. When asked what inspired John to open such a unique shop.

He said: “I always wanted to open a music store until the internet all but killed that aspiration. I had recently been made redundant from a sales and marketing role at a marine engineering company and I later decided to look for a business that I would enjoy and that was somewhat unique.

“I had visited a few board game cafes Geek Retreat Glasgow and Settlers in Hamilton being of particular note.”

John’s wife fell pregnant just before Comicrazy opened which he said gave him the push he needed to open up a business and work for himself, to ensure that he could spend as much time with his family as possible, whilst also managing something he loved.

He added:“Everything I do is for my family to try and work towards a future where we are financially stable and able to spend plenty of quality time together.”

When asking customers from the shop their opinions were all positive, Gareth Williams, an 18 year old university student described the staff as ‘friendly’.

Comicrazy is also new and upcoming venue for your child’s birthday party, they will supply music, dances, challenges and games, Pokémon party bags and a buffet of your choice, plus a 1 hour visit from Pikachu with plenty of photo opportunities.

If you would like to hold a birthday party with Comicrazy you can do so on 0141 258 2690. 4 Well Street, Paisley PA1 2SP

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