Glasgow comedian Gary Faulds coming to Glasgow Clyde College

A Glasgow comedian is preparing for a live stand-up comedy gig organised for students and staff at Glasgow Clyde College this week.

Gary Faulds, 30, from Springburn, who has sold out comedy shows up and down the country, is preparing to bring laughter to students and staff at Glasgow Clyde College’s Cardonald campus tomorrow.

The 30-year-old has sold out shows at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival three years running now, in 2015, 2016 and 2017, as well as starting his first official comedy roadshow tour this year, appearing at venues throughout Scotland and Cyprus.


 He is also due to play ‘The Stand’ comedy club in Glasgow on April 13th to 15th as well as playing another home gig at the SECC in Glasgow next year.

Gary said: “My teachers used to tell me I was the class clown in school that much that I think it eventually stuck.

“It’s mad because I genuinely think that I have ADHD, so that craving for attention has always been there for me. I am not shy in saying that I am a big attention seeker.

“The main reason I got into comedy was because I used to always watch ‘Mock the Week’ in my younger years. When they would play their ‘Off the Cuff’ game, I would pause the telly, write mines down and then perform them for my Dad. My Dad was ruthless but I still managed to make him laugh.

“Then, as soon as I un-paused the telly, Frankie Boyle would drop an absolute cracker of a line and my Dad would say – ‘one day son, maybe one day you will have better jokes than him.’”

Gary’s material will strike a chord with most of the Glaswegian population as he talks about the flaws of family, marriage and kids. He also jokes about his childhood experiences of growing up in a ‘scheme’ like Springburn. The funnyman also recently played a stand-up comedy gig in Glasgow’s notorious Barlinnie prison in front of around 200 male prisoners, where on entrance he asked if there were ‘any couples in tonight’.

He said: “The last year has been phenomenal, I am getting so much more notice now and it scares me.

“I really want this. I am never going to give up and I have so much energy the now that I want to go for it.”

The comedy gig will take place in the large lecture hall at Cardonald Campus tomorrow between 12:15pm – 13.00pm.

Gary with Frankie Boyle!




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