Historic walks take place in Paisley

Historic walks in Paisley provided by the Urban Historian will be taking place every Saturday and Sunday at noon from February 17th to June 16th.

This Saturday the tour will take you through the Thomas Street Fergulsie Thread Mills Heritage Walk. Where you will get to explore the remains of the thread mills and Fergulsie estate. The walks will set off from the Abbey Nursery.

The Ferguslie Thread Works were once home to the world famous J & P Coats, thread manufacturers. From Fergulsie they grew from humble beginnings to the world’s third biggest company in the late 19th Century worldwide.

Heritage Walks cost £5.00 per person (£2.50 for Children). The group normally starts their walks at the West Front of Paisley Abbey, on Abbey Close, Paisley. The walks are accessible for all abilities, as the group stay on public pavements whilst taking you through on the tour that is sure to enlighten a curious mind and Paisley Passionate heart.

It is also possible for them to provide a bespoke service if your visit to Paisley simply would not be able to fit in with one their walks.

Please contact the Urban Historian via the Contact form on their website for costs and availability:

The Urban Historian have also announced the opening of the ‘History café’. The taster dates for this includes: 27th February, 6th March, and 20th March. The experience promises to include coffee, cake and a chat with the Urban Historian and others about the unique history of Paisley. Which I am sure will appeal to those eager to learn more about the rich culture of Paisley.

All sessions will run between 10am and 11am at the Blend Coffee Lounge which can be found at the corner of Forbes Place and Causyside Street, Paisley. Each session will have room for eight people.


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