Scotland’s LGBT community will be highlighted in a photography exhibition

Scotland’s LGBT community will be highlighted in a photography exhibition that is opening in the University of the West of Scotland tomorrow.

Queer Champions, a display of black and white portraits of people within Scotland who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or otherwise under the umbrella of Queer, has been set up by British gay photographer Ajamu X in association with Street Level photography, the Equality Network, and Outspoken Arts Scotland (OAS) who called the event a “landmark collaborative exhibition project”

On their website, OAS said: “Queer Champions captures the richness and diversity of a Scottish community.”

The Paisley campus of UWS will be the exhibition’s home from tomorrow, 15th February to 2nd March. This is following a four-day stay, from February 5th to February 9th, in the Scottish Parliament, with a final stop from 5th March to 31st May in the Rose & Grants café in Trongate, Glasgow.

Among the list of participants in the exhibit is Jaime Valentine, co-founder and chair of OurStory Scotland, (OSS) an organisation that seeks to record, archive and present the life stories of the Scottish LGBTQ community. Ms. Valentine said that it was an honour to be included on behalf of OSS.

She said: “It was wonderful to see that several of the subjects of the exhibition had already had their own oral history record for our archives, including Ellen Galford, Alyn Smith, Zoe Strachan and Louise Welsh.

“It would be good to have a regular exhibition of Queer Champions, as there are so many that can be celebrated, including our patron Jackie Kay, out political figures who champion LGBT rights (in addition to Alyn Smith, we have recorded John Nicolson and Kezia Dugdale) and activists recorded this year such as Sigrid Nielsen, Kate Fearnley and Maruska Greenwood.”

More information on Queer Champions can be found at OAS’s website at Information on OurStory Scotland can be found at their website at

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