The Bonnevilles: Toned Down, But still raw as ever

When Belfast based garage-punk-blues band The Bonnevilles released the newest single, “Long Runs The Fox” from their upcoming album, Dirty Photographs, fans gave a sigh of relief that frontman Andy McGibbon and drummer Chris McMullen hadn’t softened and had started enjoying a wee bit of Stereophonics every now and then.

I say this because the title track and first single from the album was noticeably more toned down than their previous work. However, “Long Runs The Fox” brings the familiar growling guitars, hard hitting drum beat and distorted vocals that have drawn so many to witness the two-piece live.

McGibbon had this to say about the more poppy Dirty Photographs: “It is definitely a conscious decision to tone it down a bit. When I started [The Bonnevilles] my mission statement to myself was ‘What I wanna do with this band is to get people to dance.’”

“This song is a love song to my wife, I wanted to write her a song but if I wrote her some cheesy ass ballad or something, that’s bollocks. So, the way to do it was to write a funny, hopefully a little bit saucy, maybe sexy, song that a girl can dance to.”

The band have definitely succeeded in this mission not only with Dirty Photographs but also with their back catalogue, they deliver a genre of music that people can have a good boogie to, but is also still raw and punk.

Despite the difficulties that many musicians face in Northern Ireland due to the lack of representation from the music industry, the band has achieved it’s goals says Andy: “We never saw our career going down a path to stardom, all we ever wanted was to own a record label and we’re on the record label that we own and to be able to gig and make a living.

“And that means going to everybody that wants to hear you all over the world and you can make a living and do that, you’ll never become rich but you’ll always make a living and you’ll always get to play your music.”

The album Dirty Photographs will be out 16th of March 2018 on all major platforms. Expect to see the band in Glasgow in June 2018 with the venue and date to be announced.
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