Glasgow paedophile hunters have warned online groomers that ‘they are coming for them

A group of Glasgow based paedophile hunters have warned online groomers that ‘they are coming for them’ after completing a number of successful stings in Glasgow, Edinburgh and even catching groomers as far out as the south east of England.

The anonymous group, rising against online predators, have been functioning for around five months and the team have two main founders, five hunters, three security members and around fifteen decoys.

The group’s decoys simply set up fake profiles and activate them on various social media websites and lay in wait for a message from an online groomer.

Once approached by the groomer, the decoy instantly makes them aware of their age, which is always under the normal age of consent of 16.

One of the main founders and hunter, Pixie, said: “Most of our team are survivors of online childhood grooming hence the reason we founded our team.

“Our aim is to catch groomers online who have been sexually grooming children online for many, many years.

“Thankfully all the predators that we have caught at this point have been arrested by the police and charged with most of their cases resulting in court trials and have even managed to achieve prison sentences”

95% of the paedophile hunting team are survivors and have experienced some sort of online childhood grooming at some point in their lives. The team eventually decided to come together to rectify this growing issue and keep children safe from these online predators.

Pixie added: “There’s no criminal convictions as of yet, however, we have a few going through court at the minute. It’s a long, ongoing process.

“Staying calm on a sting I think depends greatly on the experience that you’ve had throughout your life.
“Our most memorable would be a sting we conducted at Silverburn in Glasgow, purely because of the fantastic reaction we got from the police and also because of the case’s outcome.
The team mostly comes from all over Scotland but now even has members as far south as Plymouth.
The hunters insist their overall mission is to help police. They protect their suspects from any potential attacks from passers-by until they are handed over to officers, along with all evidence they have gathered.

The group have carried out more than 10 stings but their members have been involved in putting over 100 predators behind bars.

Pixie claims that in most cases the police are helpful and will happily assist them in ‘clearing’ the streets from these kinds of people.

She said: “The police are usually ok with us, it all depends on what area I’d say. A lot of police personally like what we do but can’t be seen to be supporting it when working on these kind of operations.
“There are no current statistics available for the amount of online groomers who have been arrested yet but the risk to real children doesn’t bear even thinking about.”

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