All Time Low Deliver A Nostalgia Filled Night at the SEC Centre

On the 12th of March 2018, All Time Low, from Baltimore, New York, allowed a small percentage of people in their early twenties the chance to be swept away in a sea of nostalgia when they played their legendary second album, So Wrong It’s Right from start to finish live at the SEC Centre in Glasgow.

From the opening chords of This Is How We Do to the final notes of Poppin’ Champagne, there was an atmosphere that washed over the crowd that felt like “We made it.”

For me and many people my age that did and still do listen to alternative music, All Time Low were a very important band. With songs like The Beach that are about being young and hanging out with friends and doing dumb stuff, and also songs like Therapy which speaks about mental health, the band provided an escape from school and other stresses when we were teenagers.

After playing So Wrong It’s Right the whole way through (minus Dear Maria, Count Me In), the band took a short break before playing a full set, which consisted mainly of their most recent songs with classics like Weightless and Lost In Stereo.

All Time Low performing

One song in particular that stood out to me was Missing You from the band’s Future Hearts album, its lyrics inspire the listener to hold on to hope during tough times and remember that this is only temporary. This song is the song that I needed when I was a scared and sad 15-year-old girl and I hope that lead singer Alex Gaskarth understands how important its message is to his young fans.

Before both All Time Low sets, horror punk band Creeper played a short support slot. Opening with Black Rain, the first track on their album Eternity, In Your Arms, the band suitably energized the crowd with their punchy choruses and lead singer, Will Gould’s equally as energetic stage presence.

Having supported All Time Low previously on their mainland Europe tour in the Autumn of 2017, the band from Southampton say they’ve built up a good relationship with their American counterparts.

Lead singer, Will said: “They’re just really fun, for me people are either cool or they’re not cool and All Time Low are really cool and they’ve been very kind to us and taken us out for the second time.”

He also said that the band is inspired by how far All Time Low have come, “Seeing the really big shows that All Time Low do is obviously really inspiring and something that every band aspires to.”

Despite both Creeper and All Time Low playing fantastic sets, the guitarist from the headline act, Jack Barakat’s sexually charged “jokes” aimed at a mainly underage audience have aged. Gone are the days where people found it funny to make jokes about “boobies” and sitting on the drummer’s face, in the age of #MeToo, this stuff just comes across as creepy and immature.

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