American music director launches new creativity project in Paisley

An American music and video director has embarked on his latest mission by bringing together Paisley’s culture and it’s musically talented young people through a brand new music project, Paisley Music TV.

Forty-six-year-old Corbin Miles from Boston, Massachusetts, started the new project last year where he began actively seeking Paisley’s most talented young musicians, inviting them to shoot music videos at some of the city’s most iconic places.

Credit to Coats Memorial from Loose Light Photography

Corbin said: “I started my career by studying music in the states at Berklee College in Boston before deciding to come here to Scotland. I gained a degree in music production and engineering there and eventually went on and formed my own production company working primarily on doing audio recording, which was the time right before digital media was really even a big thing.

“We already had connections in Paisley at the time when we decided to come here so we already knew how beautiful the city was and how talented some of the people of Paisley were. It was the perfect place for us to come and settle in and try to bring something different to the city.

“We came to Scotland really in the hope of using most of those skills to bring some sort of social benefit to Paisley where we knew for a fact that there were already tonnes of talent, our main goal was primarily to create an impact on Paisley’s fantastic culture and its people.”

Paisley Music TV is a project which was first thought up by ‘Create Paisley’ – a charity, whose main goal is to support young people by opening up various opportunities for them to showcase their original talents and skills.

Credit to Coats Memorial from Loose Light Photography

Create Paisley first began by holding open mic nights weekly, which were originally aimed at giving Paisley’s young people an opportunity to have a ‘safe place’ where they could go with their friends instead of being out on the streets at the weekend or falling into a life of crime.

It opens its doors mostly to youngsters between the ages of twelve and twenty-five who have some sort of musical ambition and talent to show off their skills.

The charity also gives young people an opportunity to practice on other gifts they may possess, they do this by holding various workshops, writing classes and media classes.

“Create originally kicked off with an open mic designed for bands and musicians to come in and take to the mic to really show off their musical skills. It was formed by the charity that I currently work for and a few locals and was aimed to help young people have a safe place to go at the weekend and get off the streets that kind of thing. It would be designed to help these young people find their place in the world and to find themselves and really just to be free to be themselves.

“We would have these band nights once a month and it went from 40 kids to 100 kids then eventually snowballed further with up to 450 kids turning up, then before we knew it we were having to rent out the student centre at UWS to hold the amount of kids who were turning up to our events.”


Credits to Coats Memorial from Loose Light Photography

This eventually led on to Paisley Music TV which focuses mostly on bringing musical talent from all around Paisley tying it in with the culture and the beautiful scenery of the city. The project is aiming to shoot up to 24 music videos by the end of the year in order to secure further funding and to allow it to continue to run.

Miles added: “The projects main intention is to bring Paisley’s culture and music together as there is a rising number of musicians in Paisley including buskers and students.

“What we’re really hoping for is to continue to get funding so we can continue on with this project. We have people who have been with us for a while and we want to keep on to them and not to let them go. “Create has been a big driver in Paisley 2021 and it is trying to support Paisley’s young people.

“We came here with a very social objective and we really want to see Paisley develop and grow. Paisley 2021 was a really big step for us. “For me personally, the whole bid for city and culture has really began transforming the way Paisley sees itself and it has been really amazing.”






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