The Ethereal Illustrations of Lucy Turner


Lucy Turner, self-taught artist.

About the artist:


Lucy Turner, 35, is a self-taught artist and mother of two, based in Paisley.
Her works often feature surreal looking faces with large, enchanting eyes, accentuated by a beautiful, yet subtle, watercolour palette.

Lucy uses a number of mediums for her art, including Winsor and Newton Watercolours, gouache paint, ink and coloured pencils.

Fond of the subject at school but without any formal training, Lucy began to delve back into art as a form of therapy during a particularly hard point in her life, and continued drawing, teaching herself through online art-tutorials and experimenting with different materials.

About the art:


Through an email interview, Lucy spoke to me about her work, influences and the process of teaching herself.

Speaking on her re-introduction to art, Lucy told me about her son Seth, and how she used art as a form of therapy for coping with his illness.

black and white insta pic

“Sadly my little boy became seriously ill with brain cancer when he was four and our lives were turned upside down. We were in and out of hospital for a very long time.

“It was a very hard time and it was during this time that I decided to buy a tin of sketching pencils and a sketchbook and just started drawing little doodles for fun. I found it very therapeutic and started to draw whenever I could.”.

While the treatment had cured Seth of his cancer, he suffered a number of health complications and passed away in 2016 at the age of seven. Following his passing, Lucy continued to draw, finding solace in art, and found it to be vital to her grieving process.

Red lady

‘Red Lady’

Speaking further on her art, Lucy cites a number of different sources of inspiration which helped her hone her own unique style:

“I get inspiration from a lot of things and I love illustrations rather than fine art – I love art that is a bit different and isn’t perfect.

“I get inspiration from dark art photography, old school tattoo art, surreal art and cartoons.

“I also find nature is a great inspiration for art too and a lot of my work has elements of nature and space”.

Avocado sitting down

‘Avocado art’, part of Lucy’s new series featuring fruit and veg.

Looking through Lucy’s work, the influences of both nature and space can be easily recognised; women with trees nestled among flowing locks, or the phases of the moon around a glowing face.
When creative block strikes, Lucy says that she finds nature to be an effective remedy; often taking walks in the countryside to clear her head and unearth inspiration.

A stand-out feature of her work are the aforementioned enchanting eyes. When asked about her fondness for drawing faces and in particular, eyes, Lucy responded saying:

Black and White Girl Dec 16

‘Black and white girl’

“I am always drawn to eyes, there’s a saying that ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ and I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Eyes convey a lot of emotion”.

During our email exchange, I asked Lucy if she had a favourite piece. She responded that it was hard to choose but, there was one piece which stood out to her.

“It’s hard to pick because I like lots for different reasons but one that stands out is my cactus lady with the phrase ‘Life is tough but so are you’ – she was one of the first prints I ever sold and I love the colours and the message and the cactus is a symbol strength and survival, which i’ve needed a lot of.



‘Cactus Lady’

“I feel that we all need this reminder that although life is tough, we are also strong”.

Through art, Lucy found both comfort and strength, and stands tall in the face of unimaginably tough circumstances, just like the cacti she’s so fond of.

Child-like in nature, with elements of the natural world woven through, Lucy’s work has an ethereal, almost unnerving quality to it that makes it all the more enticing. If, like me, you’re mesmerised by Lucy’s work, check out her Etsy store, or follow her on Instagram to see more of it.

Image credit: Lucy Turner.


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