Paisley 10K Road Race with Fun Run

Jim Blythe of Renfrewshire Leisure has urged people to sign up for Paisley’s 2018 10K and fun run, which will both be held on Sunday, August 19.

Registration opened last month for summer’s event, and Jim Blythe, Regional Sports Coordinator for Renfrewshire Leisure, has encouraged everyone to apply.


Paisley 10K run

“The race grows year in, year out”

He said: “It’s a fun family day out, getting involved in activities and participating in sport. You don’t have to be a runner to take part.

“Although we get a lot of club runners, we have a lot of local people, particularly in the fun run. We had 1,700 in the fun run last year: parents, children and clubs as well.”

Between the 10K and the fun run, 2017 saw a record number of runners, with the 3,598 of last year more than 1,000 up on 2016 and almost 2,000 more than the year prior to that.

Mr Blythe has said that this can be attributed to “upping the ante”, and Renfrewshire Leisure will ensure they are “keeping at it and keep going”.

He said: “The race grows year in, year out. We get really involved in promoting the race, and I think it’s just the matter of upping the ante a little bit in the marketing side. I think that’s what’s created more interest.”


The runs take place on Sunday, August 19 2018 and you can register for the 10K at, phoning 0300 300 1362 or submitting an entry form found at any Renfrewshire Leisure venue.

Mr Blythe said: “It starts and finishes at the town centre, so you go round the old town centre high street, past the Paisley Abbey, past the Coats Memorial and we take in all the key points within Paisley.Get involved.”

You can follow Renfrewshire Leisure on Twitter under the handle @RL4Leisure, and their Facebook page is found at



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