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34018379_263736317502797_1285817924572938240_n.jpgThe Scottish Student Journalism Awards took place last Wednesday evening at the beautiful St Andrews in the Square. It was a night to be remembered for all the right reasons as Glasgow Clyde College would once again be crowned Publication of the Year as well as some individual glory being bestowed amongst some very deserving people.

The night started with a red carpet drinks reception and so I found myself alongside Mr Iain Galbraith and Mr Ewan Summers at the behest of a photographer who wanted to take pictures of the three of us on the carpet. I felt this was a perfect start to the evening which was followed with a warm welcome from a lot of the media students who told you which table you were to be seated at. Once familiarised with our seats we greeted those who were also on our table and then it was time for the 2018 SSJA’s to begin.

A couple of guest speakers were invited and first up it was John Dingwall who delivered a riveting speech about his life in the music industry and interviewing all the many interesting stars such as Rod Stewart.

He was followed by John McKay from the STV News who spoke of how people must aspire to be what they want in life and they should soak up all the knowledge that they can in the time frame that education allows.

The awards show then began with success coming from all across the country. Both Stirling and Glasgow Caledonian were early winners before we came to the Arts and Entertainment story of the year where our very own Iain Galbraith was nominated. As the speech before the award was going on it felt as though they were talking about the piece which was crafted by the hand of Iain. As it turned out they actually had been mentioning his article all this time as they announced the 2018 Arts and Entertainment Story of the Year winner was Iain Galbraith from Glasgow Clyde College. It was beyond deserved for such a talented writer and I cannot lie, personally I was bursting with pride to see my guy up there collecting his award whilst also debuting a new hairstyle which had earlier got people talking on the red carpet.

As the awards show continued we arrived at Podcast of the Year making a debut at the 2018 SSJA’s. Personally I was nominated for two different shows and felt that there was a decent chance of winning. However, in life sometimes the fairytale doesn’t come true and you are left with the bitter taste of defeat in your mouth. It had proved to be a rollercoaster night so far and the ride was far from over at this point.

Soon after this, the award for Publication of the Year was being announced and we all waited with baited breath as it was announced that the winner of the 2018 Scottish Student Journalism Award for Publication of the Year was The Pattern. It was a beautiful moment for all of us who had worked so hard and particularly sweet for myself because the judge had specifically made mention about how well the advertising worked in the magazine. That had been a huge part of my year to work hard on the magazine and to finally get the recognition that we all deserved was very enjoyable and we all applauded as Hannah Gunn and Hannah McLaren collected the trophy on behalf of all of us.

We then wrapped up the night with some music while reflecting on what had been a very enjoyable evening of chatting to journalists from other universities as well as winning the big award that we all wanted. There was a saxophonist at the end who got people up to dance and celebrate what had been a very profitable night for Glasgow Clyde College as we retained our title of Best Publication for the second year in a row.

Will it be a three-peat next year? We can only hope that it might well be.

Other universities will have this second year at their disposal as they try to break the grip that Glasgow Clyde College have on the Best Publication award.

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