Westworld Season 1 Review


HBO is well known for its fantastic shows including The Sopranos and Game of Thrones. The latest offering from their ever-growing well of fantasy fiction is Westworld based on the Michael Crichton movie of the same name.

The action begins with a seemingly innocent girl named Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) dropping her groceries before being assisted by the hero of the hour Teddy. Soon it becomes clear, that all is not as it seems as Dolores continues to replay the same day over and over in her head with the man in black unknown to the viewer seemingly hell-bent on continually bringing nothing but pain and sorrow to the young lovers. All becomes clearer the deeper you move into the park.

Over at the Mariposa, the Madame named Maeve (Thandi Newton) looks after the needs of all who arrive off the mysterious train that pulls into the station. However, although she is the perfect host Maeve soon realises that there must be more out there and starts to play with death at an alarming rate. After recruiting two new helpers, she decides to venture out into the great beyond and see exactly what lies out there.

Bernard and Theresa work in Westworld in executive positions whilst having an ongoing affair however Theresa thinks she knows all that goes on at Westworld but that is not the case even with those closest to her as she finds out to her peril when she enters the park itself.

The park’s founder Dr Robert Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins) is a mysterious man who spends most of his time being elusive towards the board who now operate the park although even they acknowledge that Ford is the most powerful man in the whole operation. Finally, it begins to unravel that he used to have a partner named Arnold who took his life and this only then adds to the mysterious world that the viewer feels they have been transported into.

All the while more guests arrive to meet their hosts and choose which narratives they wish to be involved in. It is a show within a show within a show. If you enjoyed previous HBO offerings, then settle down with this latest offering and be safe in the knowledge that there’s already a second season waiting for you with a third in the pipeline.

It is one of the most intriguing shows that I have watched in the last couple of years and honestly I am in suspense with every passing episode not knowing who should be trusted and who is actually to be discarded by the wayside by the time the theme song plays at the end.

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