It’s Gonna be a Long, Hot Summer: The Return of Love Island


Love Island has returned back to our screens for the fourth season and promises once again to deliver a long, hot summer of romance, arguments and deception. It has become a really popular show over the last three years and more people this year opted to try their luck in a Majorcan villa than to apply to Oxford or Cambridge. This has left many people feeling that it shows where we are as a society however how can people argue that eight weeks in a villa looking for the love of your life is even comparable to the elitist elements involved in applying for Oxbridge. The fact that you can win fifty thousand pounds must help also.

So far this year there has already been disagreements, deception and plenty of tears and we’re only two days in so no doubt there will be much more to come.

I sat down with a self-confessed super fan of Love Island in the form of Iain who spoke with me about his thoughts so far and how he thinks this year might end up with winners and who may be the first to exit the villa at the end of this week.

No matter what, it will make for interesting viewing for those who choose to tune in to ITV2.

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