One year on – Black tells Sillars he is wrong about the EU (2017)

SNP firebrand and Britain’s youngest MP, Mhairi Black, has spoken out about former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars’ remarks that he won’t support an independent Scotland if it means re-joining the EU.

Mhairi was speaking at fellow MP Anne McGlaughlin’s adoption night for the upcoming snap General Election on June 8th, 2017.  She said: “Jim is a very good friend of mine, he’s done a lot for me.  I think he’s wrong on this one.  I understand his thinking but I think he’s wrong.”

Mr Sillars caused a party controversy when he outlined his views on the EU and declaredSillars.jpg that he wouldn’t vote Yes in any potential indyref2.  He said: “I would abstain. I would not vote to remain in the UK but at the same time I would not vote to go into an even worse Union.

“That would apply to a fair number of people like me who voted Leave. People I know and campaigned with didn’t vote on 
immigration. They voted Leave because they had read the Lisbon Treaty and realised they were governed by an unelected elite.”

Mhairi 4Miss Black went on to explain that, regardless of one’s views on Europe, it should be for the people of Scotland to decide whether or not they re-join the EU.  She also spoke about the need to escape what she terms “Tory austerity”, saying that she doesn’t want to have to wait for the rest of the U.K to “wake up” to the damage she says is being caused by the current Westminster government.

Mhairi Black has hit the headlines with her strong, outspoken views on a number of occasions since joining the Westminster parliament as the U.K’s youngest ever elected M.P at the age of just 20 in 2015.

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