The future is bright for journalism as The Pattern mag was praised by a newspaper editor!

The QTS Media Scotland and Clyde Outside journalism awards took place in a conference room on the 4th of May at a conference room at the Daily Record building. Let’s set the scene.

A table at the back of the room certainly caught everyone’s attention with bottles of beer, wine and party style food like pakora . Glasgow Clyde College journalism second year students were commenced for their hard work.

This was part of Glasgow Clyde College’s partnership with QTS a multi disciplinary railway contractor providing specialist services founded in 1990 who have been funding this project.

We sat down to hear Paisley Daily Express editor Gavin McInally singing our praises about The Pattern that was produced as part of our graded unit project. He reckoned that the million pound budget that Renfrewshire council had to dispose on a leaflet was a lacklustre effort compare to the magazine produced by the journalism class.


He said: “The magazine looks excellent, I’m very impressed.
“Renfrewshire Council’s communication and marketing departments have a budget of millions and can’t produce a product as good as The Pattern.”

The first award was given to the most popular article about QTS voted by the public which was Lauren Brownlie who looked a bit surprised about receiving the award.

Caoimhe Barrett won Editor’s Choice award for best editorial in the magazine. Her article explored the history of punk in Glasgow and Paisley.

Darren McConnachie and Iain Galbraith got the Best Media students awards for their work on their advertising campaign for the magazine. The dynamo duo worked hard work to attracted advertisers for the magazine.

Smiles all around as students were recognised for their hard work. After celebrating the success of the class, students helped themselves to booze and food while reflecting on the last two years filled with ups and downs.

The long days and late night were well worth it with the creation of The Pattern magazine which has received a staggering amount of positive feedback from the Paisley community. At times the students never thought the magazine would get finished but oh well it was produced in the end.

As you flick through the pages of the magazine you see the different wonders of the town from the artistic side to the strong role that St Mirren play in the community.

These students in the room and those who got awards are the future of journalism. Whether it’s radio, television, magazines, PR or newspapers.

This award ceremony showcased the bright future of young journalists coming through the ranks and the continued success that has come from Glasgow Clyde College. As the powerhouse that is digital continues to rapidly grow across the world and new jobs are created specifically for that role.

These journalists taking their first steps in the industry have all grown up with the boom of social media with the rise of clickbait headlines affecting the industry. Looking at the work of these students the quality of work is there and in the end the cream will always rise to the top. The next second year students have got a lot to live up to with the quality of the magazine.

John Glover caught up with the winners after the award ceremony

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