The amount of older people working in jobs with zero-hour contracts is increasing, according to figures.

xThe statistics from the Office of National Statistics shows that while people aged 16-24 are still the group who most frequently work under zero-hour contracts, at 7.8%, second place has been taken by people aged 65 or over, who went from 2.7% between October-December 2016 to a whopping upgrade to 4% between April-June 2017.


Zero-hour contracts have long been the subject of controversy, with chains such as Sport Direct and Curzon phasing them out of their structure. Those who are in support of the concept argue that it is advantageous for students or otherwise people looking for flexible work.

‘’I think they should remain in place for people that are just looking for, like, a new job at the side, you know, a wee bit of extra cash every now and then.’’ Said Ceilidh, who has worked under zero-hours contracts. Though she supports them in this capacity, she adds that they are not practical for people who are wanting a full-time job.

The increase in elderly people working under the zero-hour contracts could point to a need for pensioners still needing to work in order to pay the bills, but not needing a full-time job in order to do so.


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