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Quirky things to do in Glasgow: Hillhead Bookclub

Located on 17 Vinicombe Street in Glasgow’s West End, Hillhead Bookclub is labelled as one of the quirkiest places in town or as they describe their venue – ‘somewhere left and right handers can exist in harmony without fear of persecution.’

With its title, people are surprised to hear it’s actually a pub/bar/restaurant and not a library of some sort.

The west end building is an old cinema that was transformed in the summer of 2010.
Drinks are served in gramophones and retro games are available to play – connect four, checkers, operation, Guess Who? As well as a ping pong table, computer games and bingo.

The music within the bar varies, with different ‘disc jockey’s’ (DJ’s) playing every night Wednesday through to Sunday and this ranges from underground disco to funk, hip-hop, and 40’s rock n roll.


Constantly appearing in listicles such as ‘Top 10 bars’ it’s very popular with the people of Glasgow and beyond – mostly students.

Regular customer Danielle McMillan said: “It is my favourite bar due to the great atmosphere and friendly staff. It is a very unique and pretty place to be, I’ve never came across people enjoying a game of connect four in any other I’ve been to.”

‘Good honest food at good honest prices’ is served and the restaurant is also very passionate when it comes to brunch and vegetarians: “Since day one we set out to offer Saturday and Sunday salvation in the form of perfectly poached eggs, fluffy pancakes, French toast and the occasional curveball like our breakfast ‘taco’ – crispy bacon, fennel sausage, scrambled egg, cherry toms and; avocado to help cure the pain of the night


“We fly the flag for quality vegetarian options with a bespoke veggie menu that runs every day and offers real choice and quality, whether you are a committed veggie or just looking to impress a vegetarian boy or girl. Choose from roasted beetroot risotto or Jamaican spiced potato stew with rice…”

When it comes to drinks at the bar there’s something for everyone.
“The consumption of liquor is a tried and tested formula for hooking up, breaking up, starting wars and fuelling banter.

“For every duchess quaffing chateaux margeaux, there’s a jake with a can of super strength lager; for every shiny style bar, there’s a spit and; sawdust pub doing just fine thank you very much.

“The bookclub settles cosily in a bohemian middle ground straddled on either side by pretension carelessness. Our cocktails side handsomely with the best and; our wine list is compact (red or white & occasionally rose) but darn it they’re excellent tipples.

“If you want a sailor jerry raspberry daiquiri then you’ve come to the right place – if you want an ice cold pint then you’re just as welcome. You won’t find any Smirnoff here, but you will find great drinks served by decent folk &quality brands at a price your gran would approve of. Hard liquors for fine men, fine liquors for hard men and; strawberry gin mojitos for the rest of us…”

As well as food, music, drinks, and entertainment within the bar they also hold a range of regular events that prove very successful.


‘33 and a bit’ is held on the second Sunday of every month, it is a record fair for sales and exchanges of all music types. All record collectors, vendors and music lovers are invited to celebrate music.

The records are available to listen to for the potential buyers as turntables are set up and
headphones provided.

Stall spaces are also available free of charge for vendors as bringing people together with a strong love of music and allowing them to swap and sell records is the aim of the event.
If you’re not buying or selling you are still invited to go along and listen to the DJ’s that will be playing all day.

‘Return of the mack (n cheese)’ is the last Tuesday of the month and it is a night to celebrate all things cheesy.

‘Granny would be proud’ are proper-girly-vintage-type fairs, that the staff bring together to provide the finest vintage fashion for customers to purchase.

Lady balls bingo at the bookclub is free entry and involves a £500 cash prize and is only held once every three months.

The classic and underground disco is held the last Friday of every month and provides ‘rare grooves, dusted down old soul and shoe shuffling funky stuff to keep the west end moving into the weekend and beyond.’

 Monday to Friday: 11am – midnight
 Saturday to Sunday: 10am – midnight

Telephone: 0141 576 1700

Welcome to Hillhead Bookclub

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