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Quirky Things To Do In Glasgow : Purrple Cat Cafe

The Purrple Cat Cafe, at 2 Trongate, is Glasgow’s first and only cat cafe.

The cafe, which serves coffee, speciality tea  and home-made dishes, is home to 21 friendly felines who roam freely.

The cafe is housed in a grand building, which was formerly a bank, and  is set over two floors. It opens from 9.30am until 9pm every day of the week and operates in sessions to allow break times for the cats.

Only small numbers of children are allowed to be in the premises at one time and it is recommended that you book in advance.

Back when it opened in December 2017 the cafe received 4000 applications for just 42 jobs. On any one shift four our of five staff have the sole task of looking after their furry friends.

Some of the cats share their names with Still Game characters Jack, Victor and Isa.


Sophie and her favourite cat

This week we visited the cafe and spoke to Sophie Liddell a cat enthusiast, who has visited the cafe once a week since it opened. She said: “I love coming here.

“I live in a rented flat, in the city centre, at the moment and I’m not allowed to have pets but I’ve grown up in a house with a lot of cats so I’m desperate to get one.

“The cafe gives me what I call my ‘hairy hit’, my dose of cats to see me through the week.

“The food is great too, but to be honest it’s mainly about the cats for me and I’ve met a lot of friends while I’ve been coming here too.”

“I’d really encourage people to come and visit, its an experience that is unique in Glasgow and everyone I’ve spoken to has enjoyed it.”

Laura Russell is one of the those who were lucky enough to make it the cut and secure one of the jobs when the cafe opened. She said: “It doesn’t really feel like working when I’m here because I get  to look after the cats, it’s sort of like owning more than 20 cats of my own.

“I like looking after them and speaking to all the customers who come in.

“We get loads of regulars actually, and I’ve got to know a good few of them.

“It’s not just the regulars though, we are busy all the time!

“We do work in sessions but mostly people are ok with that, they appreciate that the cats need a break.


One house rule says customers should never wake a sleeping cat.

“The cats get treated so well and they can’t tell me but I’m pretty sure they enjoy being our wee resident moggies – they definitely like the attention they get I can tell you that much!”

All of the cats living at the centre are rescues or have been rehomed and visitors pay a £5 ‘welfare charge’ to come in to the cafe. The fee covers the cost of food, vet bills, toys and other items.

Members of the Purrple Cat Cafe Club also have access to discounts and offers. There are different levels of membership to choose from.

So far the cafe has over 11,000 followers on Facebook and an impressive 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor.

One reviewer said: “The cats are lovely.

“I especially liked Gilbert, he’s so handsome.

“We were all given the chance to hand feed the cats dreamies, you could also buy small pots.

The kittens are beautiful and so cute and fluffy.

“There were a lot of staff on – they were all very friendly and answered questions.

We enjoyed it so much we returned the following day! “

Another remarked: “Cats were all exceptionally friendly and were the highlight of the visit, as you’d expect.

“My companion managed to get the attention of a particularly playful ginger tabby and I swear she was considering sneaking him out in her handbag.”

Visit the cafe seven days a week, from 9.30am to 9pm but remember to book ahead at weekends, read the house rules and inform the cafe if you will be bringing young children.

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