How can I help them when I’m lost in the dark myself – a poem about the darker side of Glasgow



Student Jordan Shepherd shares a heartfelt poem where he questions whether or not he can truly help someone when he’s struggling himself.

Empathy and Hope; A Trope of the Fortunate – a poem


Slumped down on a street corner 

You never asked for anything 

You only wanted someone to be there for you 


The strongest woman I’d ever met 

I wanted to help 

I just wanted you to be okay 


But I think I hurt you in the only way I could 

I did what you didn’t want me to 

I betrayed your trust to help you 

But did I help you? 


The thought of not knowing keeps me awake at night 

I said I’d help you as others sneered 

looked at you like you were worthless  

While others said you were lying or couldn’t be bothered to stop 

I stayed 


I told that you’d get through this 

I said I’d be there for you 

But now I don’t even know what happened to you   


How could people hurt such an amazing person like that  


You told me i’m a good person but i can’t see it 

I wanted to do more  

But what could i have done  

What could i have done? 

About Jordan Shepherd

Honest uncompromising journalism has always been at the heart of Jordans’ writing from his early work with the Press and Journal to enrolment on the HND Journalism and his further writing for the Daily Record. He was inspired to follow a career in journalism by investigative journalism and the effect it had on the wider world. Post education he hopes to follow a career in investigative journalism with the eventual goal to one day take over the editorship of the Morning Star.

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