Paisley Halloween Festival attracts thousands

Paisley Halloween Festival

Paisley Halloween Festival attracts massive crowds to the town centre with a ghoulish extravaganza

Paisley Halloween Festival

The Paisley Halloween Festival has come back for a fourth year attracting a crowd of thousands of people to the town centre to the ghoulish extravaganza.

Paisley Halloween Festival saw huge crowds gather in the streets with many activities taking place all over the town centre.  

The parade strolled through the streets of Paisley on Saturday 27th and came to an end in front of the fire-lit stage, where characters were introduced to the crowd as they passed by.  

Around 500 people and performers took part in the parade, which included pumpkin soldiers, the Spark! LED drummers, and a giant animatronic Witch and Cauldron that stopped just before the stage.  

Paisley Halloween Festival


Acrobats gave a breath-taking aerial performance which turned hundreds of heads to the sky. A cast of witches flew over the crowd between the town hall and the abbey, captivating the audience below.  

The event attracted about 34,000 people to Paisley town centre, estimates claim.  

Paisley Halloween Festival is one of the major events of the Year of Young People 2018 celebrations.  

Photography by David King

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