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Guy Fawkes and the Glasgow bonfire hot spots

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

It’s that time of year again, when the frost has set on the ground and leaving the house almost becomes unbearable due to the cold temperatures. If you don’t already have the cold or flu, you know it’s coming.

It’s not all negative though, as the dark and cold nights set in and Halloween comes to a close people wrap up in their warmest attire and begin to get excited for Christmas. No one can forget bonfire night before this though! With fireworks setting off with a bang over the weekend, we reminisce on the history of Guy Fawkes night and take a sneak peek of what Glasgow has to offer tonight in commemoration of the well-known story.

November the 5th 1605, why do we remember this and why is the name Guy Fawkes so well-known? The story itself, famously known as the ‘Gunpowder Plot’, sees Guy Fawkes and his Catholic peers attempt to blow up King James the First and the Houses of Parliament in London, as they were in disagreement with the Kings Protestant political views.

Guy Fawkes mask

The plot was successful in storing 36 barrels of gunpowder under The House of Lords. However, the men, including Fawkes, were captured only hours before the terror attack was due to explode and were executed for treason. So, what is the big deal with Guy Fawkes specifically? He arguably had the most dangerous role: the igniting of the gunpowder.

Since that day, the King decreed that November the 5th should be a date to always celebrate that the Gunpowder Plot didn’t happen. Today people celebrate all over Britain with colourful fireworks, sparklers, parties and large bonfires – at which many people still burn ‘Guy Fawkes’ as a fake dummy within the heart of the fire’s flames.

Fireworks display

Are you participating this year? Don’t miss out on the events happening tonight in Glasgow to join in on the vibrant celebrations!

Glasgow Green fireworks display – today at 5pm 
Arguably the most popular event in Glasgow each year for bonfire night due to the central location of Glasgow Green and the large crowds it draws in. Not to mention the free entry! Starting at 5pm with the fireworks display taking off at 7.30pm, with plenty of arcades, merchandise and food and drink available to buy to keep all the family amused.

Drumchapel and West Winterfest – today at 4.30pm
If you are looking for something a little further from the hustle and bustle of the centre then this is a perfect option! Located in Drumchapel park with live music, a funfair and stalls and of course their fireworks display. Gates open at 4.30pm and the fireworks begin at 7pm. This event is also free entry.


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