Student talks about her experiences of returning to college


Are you ready for the year ahead? Being at college isn’t always easy.


Back to College. 

That time of the year has arrived, and, no, unfortunately I’m not talking about Christmas…It’s time to go back to College. 

The moment has arrived, and while on your first day in high school you had, like, plenty of new supplies and pens and even a new backpack – now things are drastically different. 

You barely have any pens, and don’t even mention a pencil case. Your notebooks are possibly the same as last years, or, if you are like me, a notepad that you stole from a hotel.    

Yes newbies, sorry to wake you up from the dream but this isn’t as great as American movies make you think. 

collegeDon’t get me wrong you will have the time of your life, while simultaneously have mental breakdowns. There’s a point, as a student, when you don’t know what’s worse: checking your bank account, or checking all the assignments you haven’t done  

College is the time when you constantly think ‘oh, I should work out’, ‘oh, I should eat healthier’, I should probably socialize as well, but instead I’m just going to cry while I eat my 50p Noodles pot. 

And, by the way, I’ve read that If you eat them more than twice a week you could have a heart attack (but don’t quote me on that)… I guess that will make college easier.  

So good luck to all of you, because College is soup, and you’re a fork.  

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Valentina Servera, is a Catalan journalist from Barcelona that came to the sunny Glasgow for a tan. She is the runner up for the Colum of the year awards in the SSJA’s, and she can only talk about politics and sports. DO NOT TALK TO HER ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE

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