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Curve Campaign launched to help promote body confidence in young women

curve campaign

Beauty queen sets up Curve Campaign, promoting body confidence and encouraging woman to love the skin they’re in.

Mrs Inspiration UK 2016, Melissa McNaughton, set up the curve campaign to promote body confidence and get woman to love themselves in the skin that they’re in. The campaign is also raising money for three different charities. This comes after her recent diagnosis of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia: a type of cancer that affects the white blood cells. This cancer is most common in older adults around 60-65 years of age.

Melissa McNaughton, owner of MACS hair studio in Glasgow organised the Curve campaign on the 2nd September 2018 at the Wild Cabaret in Glasgow. She host a fashion show with six models showcasing brands such as Marc Ross, Pink Poodle and Cissonia. The campaign featured entertainment from Natalie from McCallaum school of Glasgow.

Melissa’s mum helped organise the event and inspire the girls


curve campaign

Photography by Paul Francis McGugan

She said: “The curve campaign is to promote body confidence and loving the skin you’re in. I set it up as I think

it is so important to self-love and promote body confidence as us woman need to stick together and build each other up. If you love yourself and the skin you’re in you can achieve anything. We are all beautiful.”
“We are constantly surrounded by images on the internet of a certain size and I think it is important to celebrate all shapes and sizes.”

Also involved in organising the fashion show was Melissa’s mum, award winning hypnotherapist Ann Currie. Ann helped the models with their catwalk appearance by doing confidence coaching and hypnotherapy.

Ann said: “I did group coaching sessions with the girls, which included group hypnotherapy sessions in building up confidence. This was to help the girls to be self-assured, and confidence in themselves as individuals.”
“In building their confidence it allowed them to believe in themselves – anything from being a young mum to shyness. The ladies all had one thing in common: nerves, in one form or another. We turned that nervousness around into adrenaline which allowed them to enjoy themselves and to acknowledge they are amazing and unique human beings.”

For Ann, watching the women take to the stage was a ‘proud mum’ moment. She believes the Curve Campaign can make a difference in today’s society by spreading body confidence; making women feel more comfortable in the skin they’re in.

The event raised money for 3 different charites

She said: “Seeing the confidence in these ladies grow from their first coaching session to them on stage at the event was wonderful, and they totally enjoyed every moment! I felt like a proud mum.”

“The Curve Campaign has played an important role in today’s world, in showcasing how woman of all ages are beautiful and confident.  Not to let the outside world and media pressure get in the way of who you are and not to be made to feel any less different than the next person.  Each and every lady on that stage owned it and deserved to be there.  There was a friendship amongst them all and they took away confidence, not only on the night but well into the future.”


curve campaign

Photography by Paul Francis McGugan

Altogether the event raised £680 for 3 different charities. Young Deaf Activities – an organisation that encourages confidence in children and young people with any level of hearing impairment or dual sensory loss. Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland – a specialist charity providing a lifetime commitment and dedicated support for people affected by the condition. The charity also provides advocacy to parents of children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. The third charity, Bloodwise Scotland, is a charity close to Melissa’s heart as she has recently been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid leukaemia (cancer of the white blood cells). The charity is dedicated to funding research into all blood cancer as well as offering information and support to patients.

Melissa’s only symptom was feeling tired

She said: “I was diagnosed 16 weeks ago now. I went in for a standard blood test – I have one every few months for my iron levels. This time was different, I was called the next day and told to go straight to the hospital where I was told I have CML- Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.”

“When I was first diagnosed I only heard the words blood cancer. I was scared and just in shock. A million thoughts went through my mind. But I put on a brave face and started treatment straight away.”

Now Melissa has to take medication for the rest of her life – Imatinib Mesylate, as well as painkillers and anti-

curve campaign

Photography by Paul Francis McGugan

sickness tablets. For the 29-year-old the diagnosis came as a shock, as she suffered no other symptoms than being constantly tired. Melissa put it down to working too much and since life has changed dramatically.
She said: “I felt a bit tired but I put that down to working too much. I have bone and muscle pain on a daily basis and on my bad days I struggle getting out of bed. I have had to cut my hours in work down but still trying to work as much as I can but I am still in the salon 4-5 days. As long as I can control my treatment and know my limits I can still continue with my life goals.

Melissa ensures to keep living her life to it’s fullest

The salon owner is still determined to lead a normal life and not let this diagnosis get in the way of achieving her future goals.

She said: “I won’t let it change my life. I just have to take my time and when my body is telling me signs to rest, I will. My plans are still to open my training academy, launch my own brand of hair extensions, continue to work in the salon and still continue with the charity work that I do.

“Life is so precious and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. I feel I now have a new attitude to life – and that’s to live it. There is that saying don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s so true. I don’t want to be branded or labelled as someone that is unwell. I’m still me and I will still continue with a smile on my face. Life is so precious and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it”

All photography by Paul Francis McGugan

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