Huntswoman, investigated over hitting an activist, killed during a “drag hunt”

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Jane Goring, also known as Miller, was reportedly killed yesterday during a drag hunt.

Goring, who was facing civil charges over the whipping of an animal rights activist caught on camera, was in Leigh participating in another “drag hunt”.

The incident was announced on Facebook earlier today by the Mid Surrey Farmers’ Draghounds group who informed their members in a public tribute to Goring.

A member posted to the group this morning:

“We very much regret to inform you that Jane Goring was tragically killed whilst out dragging yesterday at Leigh.”

They continued: “On behalf of the masters and members of the drag hunt, we send our condolences and thoughts to Richard and Jane’s family at this awful time.”

It is thought that she fell from her horse.

Ms Goring, the wife of Richard, the heir to The Goring Hotel in London, faced an investigation last year into video footage captured by animal rights activists.

The video showed her using her riding crop to whip an activist 17 times in an apparent frenzied attack, charges were eventually dropped in January, months later.

One of the activist groups has said that she was due to appear at Hastings Magistrates Court on charges, in January of 2019 in relation to the incident.

The Goring Hotel has developed a reputation of being one of the Royal Families favoured places to dine.

Drag hunting is the practice of laying an artificial scent through the countryside for fox hounds to follow.

In drag hunting the trail does not contain any animal-based scents, and is not to be laid in areas likely to have foxes.

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