A poem about the wonders of finding your soul mate


 Have you found your soul mate? Student Emma Arthurs dedicates this poem to her best friend, soul mate and all the growth and healing the bond promotes.

This Shining Soul: A Poem

I once found sunlight harsh.  This scorched and 

barren land stayed bathed in shadow.  This stayed, 

beneath.  Yet gardens bloom and raise their faces to meet 

the dawn and I did not know what you had 


This golden hour, 

when all is soft and quiet has last 

five years.  My lifetime. 

And should these gentle rays sink below the horizon – 

How little, for me to know 

this is no darkness closing in. 

I’ll shift my gaze, and thank the stars 

About Emma Arthurs

As Head of Digital for the Clyde Outside, Emma is hoping to put her love of all things Internet - whether it's blogging, coding or gaming - to good use. Definitely put the gaming to good use. Her work as Head of Digital and Deputy Editor for the Clyde Insider in her first year helped garner their commendation at the SSJA Awards 2018.

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