Paisley First campaigns for free parking in the town centre

Paisley First launch "Free for Three" campaign calling for free parking.

Business promoters have launched a campaign to boost free parking in Paisley. 

‘Free for Three’ calls upon Renfrewshire Council to create more free parking spaces in the town centre to bring more costumers in.

Paisley First have put forward the initiative following a decision by the council to avoid placing parking charges in Johnstone and Renfrew town centres, which has helped business to grow in the areas. 

The plan that has been presented asks Renfrewshire Council to reconsider the prices for parking spaces and make them free for three hours. 

Paisley First is committed to creating a Business Improvement District in Paisley.


Graeme McGowan, Chairman of Paisley First, said:  

“We believe that Free for Three is the way forward, offering free parking for three hours will allow visitors time to shop, run errands, and grab a bite to eat, but will deter commuters who wish to park in Paisley and then take the train elsewhere.” 

Local businesses have expressed concerns that due to major infrastructure works that are ongoing around Paisley’s town centre will drive away potential customers.

Some people may think that the area is hard to reach by car and will then go elsewhere instead, such as Braehead or Silverburn – places that offer free parking spaces to people. 

Paisley First is a non-profit organisation that is committed to creating a Business Improvement District in Paisley. They have been involved with events around the local area including Jurassic Bricks and WinterFest. 


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