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Is this the real life? – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ review

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? It’s more than fair to say that Rami Malek captures the essence of Freddie Mercury with absolute ease and poise.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ begins with crowds roaring and the band preparing to go on stage, the intensity at this point is staggering. It is clear from the crowds’ reaction that the sheer confidence and the stunningly yet, outrageous persona of Freddie Mercury, through Rami Malek, brings the audience to life.

As the film goes on, there is a much deeper understanding of the extremely difficult personal life Freddie Mercury went through. Born in Zanzibar to then end up in London at the age of 17 made it difficult for Freddie to fit in to society. Rami gives the audience a deep insight to the many struggles the character of Freddie faces, especially with his heritage and parents, leaves us completely taken back.

Yes it’s fair to say that we already know a lot about Freddie Mercury already but after watching this, I was completely dazed by the projected confidence in Rami’s performance. I could clearly see that Rami portrayed the cheeky, charming and outrageous personality of Freddie.

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Not only does the film highlight the spectacular journey that Queen went on to achieve the true rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and eventually their popularity explodes. Yet although there was many outstanding performances of the iconic songs by Queen in the film, there was also some heart-warming, intimate moments shared by Freddie and his wife Mary Austin (Lucy Boynton). Even though the romantic relationship did end, they did remain close friends and she accepted that he is gay and continues to help him through the hardships later in his life.

After the band are making history with their iconic sound, it only seems to get worse from then on. The extravagant lifestyle and popularity has got to the band, especially Freddie seemed to lose his way through drugs and outrageous parties, which then leads to a serious mental breakdown and he completely loses his way and finds out that he has AIDS.

However, by the end he comes back and reunites with his fellow band mates and puts on a spectacular performance for Live Aid. The presence of Queen alone was enough to get people donating to the cause. However, we can see the deep sorrow in the character. He is determined to give an exceptional performance, he knows he doesn’t have much time left before his illness takes over completely. At the end we see the iconic image of ‘Freddie’ punching his fist in the air. As many think he is just punching up towards the sun, it also suggests that this is only the beginning of his deterioration.

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