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Pass the Dootchi and let them take you through

Photo by Niamh Baxter.

Queen Margret’s union has hosted some of the worlds most exiting bands the world over from Nirvana to Coldplay and their latest showcase is no exception.

Standing in the footsteps of Nirvana, probably with the same smell of pints, stale smoke and sweat dancing across the crowd, the electrifying synth sounds cut through the air.

Dootchi, with their distinct sound and stylish licks, are the new boys in alternative rock and are ready to invigorate Glasgow’s underground music scene.

Photo by Niamh Baxter.

Formed in 2014 the four-man band from Biggar burst onto the music scene with their debut single ‘Time’ in 2017 before releasing their acclaimed song ‘Take you through’, the bands unique sound, encompassing grunge, psych rock and funk to bring their own flavour to alternative rock.

Even being new to the scene the mixture of powerful vocals mixed with hard hitting instrumentals leave a lasting memory for the packed crowd who’d made the journey from across the city to see the band.


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Though this might have been their most unique gig, falling near Halloween looking out into the crowd would have turned anyone’s head from the queen of hearts to a walking tenants sign, a unique look for a unique band.

Glasgow’s newest Alternative rock band Dootchi play QMU. Photo by Niamh Baxter.

We caught up with the bands drummer Laurie Smith after the gig for a chat; “I think we were a little under-prepared to play QMU but I think it went great, good crowd, the sound wasn’t as good as we were hoping for, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We’ve played some of the best venues in Glasgow from King tuts to QMU, I think you raise to the venue, you play well because you know there’s been some huge bands that have played there like Oasis at King tuts, the history behind the venue drives you, it inspires you.

The best thing about the band is we’re all best friends and we collaborate with the writing so we all just get together and through ideas around and see what sticks, a lot of the time we through the lyrics on as extra, we write the instrumental first and put the lyrics on the top.

Watch out for us, big things are coming, we’ve been working on the EP for a while now, we’re still trying to get the funds together to record a few tracks but it’s really exiting, I think it could take us to the next level.”

Dootchi are available to listen to on Spotify and sound cloud.


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