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Glasgow band Nu Cros next big thing for local bands

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The previous two-piece Glasgow band Nu Cros, has proved to be the next best thing for local bands in recent gigs around Glasgow.  

The now foursome, has stunned fans with their mesmerising stage presence and unique voice. The Glasgow band has produced outstanding performance after performance, creating a feeling of belonging in their original songs. A personal favourite is the groups original song ‘Hotel’. They also have a fantastic cover of The Strokes ‘Hard to Explain’. Lead singer Kevin O’Brien really puts his on twist on this. The band prove yet again their true potential to be something new and fresh for today’s music industry. 

New Members, Craig Russell (bass) and Russell Smith (guitar) have really given Nu Cros more of an identity. They’ve slotted in brilliantly, showing their passion and love for music.  

Not only do they stun you with their instrumental efforts and Jude Mcwilliams’ mind-blowing drum solos but Craig and Kevin’s witty remarks, and Russell’s modern day Del Boy attitude and facial expressions keep you entertained.    

Keep your eyes out for their upcoming gigs and shows, you really won’t want to miss it!  

To have a look at what they have to offer, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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