Animal sanctuary calls on animal lovers for support

animal sanctuary

Animal Sanctuary calls for support

A Scottish animal sanctuary is calling on support of animal lovers to help them fund their next step.

The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre (NEW ARC) have two days left to garner enough nominations on the SEIB website to progress to the next round. Winning charities receive up to £50,000.

animal sanctuary

Squeaker the Hedgehog – no they’re not blue, or fast


Flo Blackbourn, 22, Wildlife Manager, stressed the difference it could make to the many animals they take care of.

Flo said, “We are planning to build a state of the art A&E Unit to allow us to take better care of the hundreds of wild animals we take in every year, in a larger, more up to date building.

“The build is an expensive task and winning any sum of money will be a massive help towards achieving our goal.”

The Charity takes in all sorts of animals, from orphaned baby squirrels and hedgehogs, to gulls and foxes.

animal sanctuary

Gary the Squirrel, who was released this past spring


New Arc’s workers dedicate so much time to the animals in need that they name them based on personality traits. They get to know them as well as most will know their own pets.

The winners can receive up to £50,000

One gull even decided that he liked it so much that releasing him has proven difficult. He has developed such a strong bond with one of the workers he refuses to leave. This gives a strong endorsement to those that nursed him to strength.

animal sanctuary

Dragon – one of the rescue gulls


One such Gull, Popeye, was brought in as a tiny chick with such a bad eye they didn’t think he would ever be released. “We wanted him to be comfortable with being handled so often so we allowed him to become tame.” Said Flo

“Thankfully his eye is doing a lot better now but he knows us personally and will shout out to us when we walk past him.”

Registration to vote is quick and simple on the website, charity number is SC 037332. Winning would potentially make a huge difference to the animal residents and the capabilities of the workers there.

NEW ARC is currently run on donations from the public alone.

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