Talented trio reveal the inspiration behind their success

The Cutkelvins

The Cutkelvins (from left to right) Shereen, Kyle and Jay. Photography by David King

The Cutkelvins reveal why they formed their band

If you have been an X factor fiend you will have probably heard and possibly fallen in love with The Cutkelvins from Bonnie Scotland. Former Neon Jungle lead singer and star Shereen Cutkelvin impressed judges, but only managed to get to boot-camp stage. Later she re-auditioned for the show, forming a band with her siblings, Jay Cutkelvin 24, and Kyle Cutkelvin 23.  

After making it to the live shows of the X Factor, the group were eliminated at the semi-final stage.  

Shereen, 20 said: “I was the first one to jump on the bandwagon. The boys were a little shyer but they followed through and dived straight into the deep end.” 

The talented trio lost their dad Derek, who was a keen singer, seven years ago after he suffered a sudden heart attack at home. 

The Cutkelvins

Jay Cutkelvin. Photography by David King

Jay said the death ‘inspired’ him to form a group with siblings as their father was also in a family band. He said: 

“It feels like we are carrying down the legacy and generation.” 

Shereen Cutkelvin said: “Our dad has always been supportive of us. We seen our dad performing whilst growing up with his singing around the house and his gigs. It really got us motivated to do it.” 

She continued: “When we were younger, he would always listen to our rehearsals and our harmonies.” 

“Dad also showed us how to breathe properly when singing. He trained me when I was younger and taught us a lot.” 

“That’s where our inspiration came from.” 

In 2017 the group toured Europe and plan to continue touring around the UK. They enjoy meeting with people who show all their love and support for the band. 

The Cutkelvins describe the X factor experience as a ‘learning curve’ and that it has made them more ‘headstrong’ about who they are as individuals and as a group.  

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