Could Theresa May be getting the boot?

theresa may

International Officer of SNP Youth and student journalist Valentina Servera Clavell gives her take on the current political climate.

Theresa May faces Vote of No Confidence

So for those who don’t know, BREXIT is happening. 

Brexit is that thing that the Tories managed to sell in 2016. They tried to put it out as for economic reasons, but between the lines they were just being racist. 

Right now were are in the middle of a sinking country – the UK is falling apart and the only thing the Tories seem to care is about saving their own asses.  

A wee recap. For the past two years we have been talking about Brexit all the time, but our political leaders are like us students: they get stressed about what they have to do, they procrastinate and they get nothing done.  

The deadline is getting close, and they are just trying to do all this work in the night before – literally just like us students. The problem here, is that this is just not a course assessment, or an exam. This is a whole countries future, and there’s not enough coffee in this world to save them from this one. 

Theresa May seems to be the one to blame, although she didn’t wanted Brexit in the first place. Now she has to deal with everyone’s s****, just like in a uni work group. Now that she’s “done “ the job, they want to get rid of her (don’t get me wrong I want it too). 

The PM is facing a vote of no confidence not only in the House of Commons but even in her own bench. It looks like her days are numbered, (YAASSS). The issue is, if she gets fired, who’s going to substitute her? Because looking at the tory party she’s a diamond in the rough … I’m being too nice.  

So if she loses tonight, leadership election would be called with a new Prime Minister likely to take office by mid-January, which would be literally too late for a Brexit deal. Or, she could quit immediately and an interim leader would take over until a permanent replacement is found. 

Who are the sharks that are calling for her blood? Who’re waiting by to eat their victim?  

Let’s take a look:  

  • Boris Johnson: sometimes don’t know if he’s a clown or an actual character, but let’s describe him as the ‘British Donald Trump’.  
  • Dominic Raab: Well, he’s a quitter, and he is complete nonsense  
  • Sajid Javid: Just another millionaire kid. Like aye, he seems to care about the working class a lot.  
  • Jeremy Hunt: Who? Exactly. Naebody  
  • Amber Rudd: She managed to stay for two years as Home Secretary so good effort there. She still a Tory.  
  • David Davis: He was David Cameron’s shadow for ages, and the wee snake wants to try now to steal the spotlight. Good look there, hen. 

It doesn’t matter who and what happens, Westminster won’t care about Scotland. 

Our only hope is in #IndyREF2. 

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Valentina Servera, is a Catalan journalist from Barcelona that came to the sunny Glasgow for a tan. She is the runner up for the Colum of the year awards in the SSJA’s, and she can only talk about politics and sports. DO NOT TALK TO HER ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE

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